Vinyl Composition Tile

Classic VCT – Durable with Immortal Beauty

ILIAD draws inspiration from the cultural treasures of ancient Greece. Echoing the definition of “classic” as a benchmark of high quality. Fresh visuals pay homage to the immortal beauty of ancient poetry that resonates through the millennia – a visual poem of hand-crafted surfaces, where every tile is a verse.

Why VCT?

  • Modular flexibility, amazing design potential

  • Budget-friendly with long life value

  • Through-color and pattern construction mean long-term wear is less noticeable, abrasion and gouge resistant

  • Withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic

  • Exclusive Fast Start factory finish means initial maintenance is quick and easy, no scrubbing needed after installation, ready to polish for initial use 

  • Low carbon footprint, main ingredient is 85% North American limestone

Made in the USA*

*with global and domestic content

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Made in the USA