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Expressive Ideas™ VBT™ – Calm White

Enjoy Lower Maintenance with Our New Vinyl Based Tile Flooring

Expressive Ideas, our new Vinyl Based Tile (VBT™) commercial flooring, promises lower maintenance and lifecycle costs than traditional vinyl composition tile (VCT). So, you’ll enjoy durable commercial flooring that offers superior scratch, stain, and scuff resistance, without the need for polishes. As a result, you’ll spend less time and money worrying about floor maintenance.

The portfolio includes a kaleidoscope of colors to create spaces that encourage focus, learning and healing. At the same time, they’re durable enough to handle the toughest, daily demands of commercial traffic.

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See Expressive Ideas™ in Your Commercial Setting

Not sure which colors and designs are best for your project, then try our Professional Spaces Visualizer. It removes the worry of selecting commercial vinyl flooring. Just upload a photo from your phone or select from a range of different interiors to see any color or design. It’s that easy.

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